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[Help-glpk] Incomplete output when using "--cuts" option

From: Greg Gruber
Subject: [Help-glpk] Incomplete output when using "--cuts" option
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 15:40:48 -0400

I am using the standalone glpsol solver to solve a MIP.  I had been using it with the "--cuts" option, but noticed a strange problem.  My model includes a binary variable indexed over a large set.  Like this:
set CurCoverage dimen 2;
var kcoversi {(k,i) in CurCoverage} >=0, <= 1;
var inuse {c in Combinations} binary;
and a constraint where kcoversi >= inuse -- which should force koversi to take on values of only 0 or 1 without being declared binary. 
After I solve the model, I want to see which values of kcoversi are = 1, so I have an output statement like this:
printf{(k,i) in CurCoverage: kcoversi[k,i] >0}: "%f, %f, %f\n", k, i, kcoversi[k,i];
when I solve without the "--cuts" option, everything works fine.  When I solve with the "--cuts" option, I get the same result for the objective, but when I use the printf command to display for which values of CurCoverage is kcoversi=1 (as above), it is missing a small number of tuples.  If I just display all values of kcoversi, the correct results are displayed.
Any ideas?


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