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Re: [Help-glpk] ODBC access with 64-bit Windows 7

From: Xypron
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] ODBC access with 64-bit Windows 7
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 12:07:19 +0100
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Hello Marc,

> I am trying to use the "table" command in GMPL, under the 64-bit version of Windows 7, and Access 2007.

in 64bit Windows there are separate libraries 32bit and 64bit data sources. How to proceed depends on whether you use a 32bit or the 64bit glpsol.exe.

Please, read

Microsoft Access 2007 is a 32bit program hence it only installed 32bit ODBC drivers. You could also use it in conjunction with the 32bit version of glpsol.exe if your problem is sufficiently small.

Assuming you want to run a 64bit application:
Install a 64bit ODBC connector for Access. It is contained in the 64bit version of "Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable" or in the 64bit version of Microsoft Office 2010. 64bit and 32bit installations of Microsoft Office are mutually exclusive. You will have to remove 32bit Access 2007.

For other databases like MySQL it is possible to install both 32bit and 64bit ODBC drivers on the same system.

Best regards


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