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[Help-glpk] xglpsol wrapper script to assist experimentation

From: Robbie Morrison
Subject: [Help-glpk] xglpsol wrapper script to assist experimentation
Date: Sat, 7 May 2011 23:24:07 +1200 (NZST)
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Hello again everyone

I just added a wrapper script for GLPSOL to the GLPK wikibook:

The script provides a simplified interface to the GLPK
GLPSOL command-line solver.  It pumps out GLPSOL
command-lines, can sdiff recent output, and generally
facilitates experimentation with GLPK options.

An example:

  $ xglpsol -dkrsw short

will run

  glpsol --scale --nopresol --nointopt --ranges "/dev/stdout" --output
"/dev/stdout" --glp short.glpk

then save the screen capture to 'short.grab' and diff
that against the previous screen capture file.

The help message is repeated here for reference:

         usage: xglpsol                model[.ext]     basic GLPSOL run
                xglpsol  --            model[.ext]     basic GLPSOL run
(for convenience)
                xglpsol  -acdklmrswy   model[.ext]     extended run
                xglpsol  --help                        display this
message and exit (takes priority)
   run options:   -a                   implies -lms
                  -c                   check model            --check
                  -l                   add back LP presolve   --nopresol |
                  -m                   add back MIP presolve  --nointopt |
                  -s                   add back scaling       --noscale  |
output options:   -d                   diff with the last available
capture (implies -k)
                  -k                   keep console output (with existing
file backed up)
                  -r                   display sensitivity analysis
(simplex only)  --ranges
                  -w                   display solution (includes KKT)    
                  -y                   dry run, simply print the GLPSOL call
    extensions: model.glpk             GLPK problem      --glp
                model.lp               CPLEX LP problem  --lp
                model.mod              MathProg model    --math
                model.mps              free MPS problem  --freemps
       purpose: simplified interface to GLPK GLPSOL command-line solver
     hardcodes: GLPSOL utility             = glpsol
                default extension          = .glpk
                terminal capture extension = .grab
                diff call                  = diff --side-by-side
--suppress-common-lines --width=167

with best wishes
Robbie Morrison
PhD student -- policy-oriented energy system simulation
Technical University of Berlin (TU-Berlin), Germany
University email (redirected) : address@hidden
Webmail (preferred)           : address@hidden
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