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[Help-glpk] What is the easiest way to use COIN LP as solver in GLPK ?

From: NicoGDF
Subject: [Help-glpk] What is the easiest way to use COIN LP as solver in GLPK ?
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2011 06:07:14 -0700 (PDT)

Hi everybody,

I am using GLPK in C++ programs like :
        glp_prob *lp = glp_create_prob();
        glp_tran *tran = glp_mpl_alloc_wksp();

        glp_mpl_read_model(tran, "..\\MyModel.mod", 1); 
        glp_mpl_read_data(tran, "..\\MyModel.dat");
        glp_mpl_generate(tran, NULL);
        glp_mpl_build_prob(tran, lp);
        glp_simplex(lp, NULL);
        glp_mpl_postsolve(tran, lp, GLP_MIP);

        int index = glp_find_col(lp, "MyVariable");
        double optimalValue = glp_get_row_prim(lp, index);
When using with big input data, the solving time becomes very important. So,
I would like to use another solver like CLP. For example, in the above
source, it would replace the ligne "glp_simplex(lp, NULL);" by the call of
the new solver.

I found references for Symphony or Osi but I did not find clear examples
doing what I am looking for.
Maybe, someone have met this problem or you could have valuable advices or
suggestions that I could test...

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