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[Help-glpk] glpk 4.47 release information

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: [Help-glpk] glpk 4.47 release information
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 00:56:06 +0400

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GLPK 4.47 Release Information

Release date: September 9, 2011

GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) is intended for solving large-scale
linear programming (LP), mixed integer linear programming (MIP), and
other related problems. It is a set of routines written in ANSI C and
organized as a callable library.

        In this release:

        The new API routine glp_intfeas1 was added to the package.
        This routine is a tentative implementation of the integer (0-1)
        feasibility solver based on the CNF-SAT solver (which currently
        is MiniSat). It may be used in the same way as glp_intopt to
        find either any integer feasible solution or a solution, for
        which the objective function is not worse than the specified
        value. Detailed description of this routine can be found in the
        document "CNF Satisfiability Problem", which is included in the
        distribution (see doc/cnfsat.pdf).

        The following two options were added to glpsol:

        --minisat       translate 0-1 feasibility problem to CNF-SAT
                        problem and solve it with glp_intfeas1/MiniSat
                        (if the problem instance is already in CNF-SAT
                        format, no translation is performed)

        --objbnd bound  add inequality obj <= bound (minimization) or
                        obj >= bound (maximization) to 0-1 feasibility
                        problem (this option assumes --minisat)

        The paint-by-numbers puzzle model (pbn.mod) included in the
        distribution is a nice example of the 0-1 feasibility problem,
        which can be efficiently solved with glp_intfeas1/MiniSat. This
        model along with a brief instruction (pbn.pdf) and benchmark
        examples from <> encoded in GNU MathProg (*.dat) can
        be found in subdirectory examples/pbn/.

        The glpsol lp/mip solver was modified to bypass postprocessing
        of MathProg models if the solution reported is neither optimal
        nor feasible.

        A minor bug in examples/ was fixed to correctly
        build glpk in a separate directory. Thanks to Marco Atzeri
        <address@hidden> for bug report and patch.

See GLPK web page at <>.

GLPK distribution can be ftp'ed from <> or
from some mirror ftp sites; see <>.

MD5 check-sum is the following:

8653bf20c1f7db96b9ed369a8598a1ce *glpk-4.47.tar.gz

GLPK is also available as a Debian GNU/Linux package. See its web page
at <>.

Precompiled GLPK binaries (lib, dll, exe) for 32- and 64-bit MS Windows
can be downloaded from <>.
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