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Re: [Help-glpk] Solution not found on larger problem

From: Chris Bielow
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Solution not found on larger problem
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011 20:50:53 +0200
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thx for the fast reply.
I'll use an time threshold then and be happy with what I get.

Is there anything on the glpk todo-list that might fix the problem in the (near) future?!



On 11/09/2011 18:21, Andrew Makhorin wrote:
On Sun, 2011-09-11 at 13:50 +0200, Chris Bielow wrote:
Dear glpk team,

I want to use glpk to solve some ILP instances, and for the "average"
problem the following works quite well:

glpsol.exe  --cuts --max   p2.mps -o p2.solution

This works for Problems p2 and p3.
Unfortunately for p1, the solver seems not be able to compute a solution
in reasonable time (I aborted it after 24h).

Using CoinMP, I have the solution in<0.5 seconds with some cuts and
heuristics enabled.
I tried to play with some flags of glpsol.exe, but no luck.

Do you have any idea of what I can try to get the solution for p1?

Thx in advance.


Sorry, p1.mps is hard for glpk because of its size and combinatorial

I used glpsol 4.47 with options --max --pcost and --clique to solve
p1.mps and it found an integer feasible solution with mipgap = 30% for
about 15 minutes. However, solving to optimality may take too long time.

Andrew Makhorin

Freie Universität Berlin
Institut für Informatik               phone: +49 30 838 75137
AG Algorithmische Bioinformatik       room 020
Takustr. 9
D-14195 Berlin

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