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Re: [Help-glpk] Single index for multidimensional sets

From: Mate Hegyhati
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Single index for multidimensional sets
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 18:35:46 +0200
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I'm sorry I got stuck again. I can not manage to "extend" the domain of
a parameter. This is a small example to describe what I mean:

set A;

param p{A};

set mA := setof{a in A, i in 1..3} a&i;

So basically I created several instances of each element in set A. Now
I'd like to extend parameter p to them, something like

param mp{mA};

forall {a in A, i in 1..3}
  mp[a&i] := m[a];

I tried to find some tricks to add values for mp in the data section,
but I did not manage to find anything appropriate.

Is there any way to do this nicely (without using external scripts or a
big workaround)?

Thank You again in advance.


On 07/17/2012 05:31 PM, Mate Hegyhati wrote:
> Dear Xypron,
> thank You, I was also thinking on using & and define one dimensional set
> of "pairs" like that.
> This tuple index symbol would be an interesting feature.
> Anyway, thank You again, this solves my problem.
> Best regards,
> Mate
> P.S.: I tried, whether this catenations can work in a "preprocessing"
> fashion like this:
> set S1;
> set S2;
> set S3 := setof {s1 in S1, s2 in S2: s1!=s2} s1&' , '&s2;
> var x{s1 in S1, s2 in S2};
> s.t. constraint {s3 in S3}:
>   x[s3]=0;
> but unfortunately it doesn't.
> On 07/17/2012 05:01 PM, glpk xypron wrote:
>> Hello Mate,
>> a index symbol is always scalar and never a tuple. But you can use
>> string concatenation for merging your indices:
>> set S1; set S2; 
>> set S3 := setof {s1 in S1, s2 in S2: s1!=s2} s1&","&s2;
>> set S4 := setof {s1 in S1, s2 in S2: s1<s2}  s1&","&s2;
>> param p{S3}, default 3;
>> var x{s3 in S3};
>> s.t. constraint1{s3 in S3}: x[s3]>=p[s3];
>> s.t. constraint2{s4 in S4}: x[s4] >= 2 * p[s4];
>> data; set S1 := s11 s12; set S2 := s21 s22 s23; end;
>> Best regards
>> Xypron -------- Original-Nachricht --------
>>> Datum: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 15:30:07 +0200 Von: Mate Hegyhati
>>> <address@hidden> An: address@hidden Betreff:
>>> [Help-glpk] Single index for multidimensional sets
>>> Dear All,
>>> is it somehow possible to use a single index symbol for addressing
>>> an n-tuple? In one of my problems I have a 3 dimensional set, that
>>> is used as a basis for other sets, etc. I'm trying to do something
>>> like this:
>>> set S1; set S2; set S3 := setof {s1 in S1, s2 in S2: s1!=s2}
>>> (s1,s2);
>>> param p{s1 in S1, s2 in S2}, default 3;
>>> var x{s3 in S3}; # this is, that should be (s1,s2) in S3
>>> s.t. constraint1 {s3 in S3}: # similar here x[s3]>=p[s3];
>>> s.t. constraint2{s1 in S1, s2 in S2: s1<s2}: x[s1,s2] >= 2 *
>>> p[s1,s2];
>>> It is not working, and according to the manual, an index should
>>> match the dimension of the set. Is it somehow possible to avoid
>>> writing (s1,s2) everywhere?
>>> Thank You very much in advance, best regards,
>>> Mate Hegyhati
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