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[Help-glpk] Installing glpk on Mac OS X 10.8

From: Manish Jain
Subject: [Help-glpk] Installing glpk on Mac OS X 10.8
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 16:12:51 -0700


I just upgraded to the recent version for Mac and I now unable to install glpk. 
The sequence of commands I am using is:
sudo ./configure
sudo make

The make fails however with the following error:

libtool: link: ar cru .libs/libglpk.a  glpapi01.o glpapi02.o glpapi03.o glpapi04.o glpapi05.o glpapi06.o glpapi07.o glpapi08.o glpapi09.o glpapi10.o glpapi11.o glpapi12.o glpapi13.o glpapi14.o glpapi15.o glpapi16.o glpapi17.o glpapi18.o glpapi19.o glpavl.o glpbfd.o glpbfx.o glpcpx.o glpdmp.o glpdmx.o glpenv01.o glpenv02.o glpenv03.o glpenv04.o glpenv05.o glpenv06.o glpenv07.o glpenv08.o glpfhv.o glpgmp.o glphbm.o glpini01.o glpini02.o glpios01.o glpios02.o glpios03.o glpios04.o glpios05.o glpios06.o glpios07.o glpios08.o glpios09.o glpios10.o glpios11.o glpios12.o glpipm.o glplib01.o glplib02.o glplib03.o glplpf.o glplpx01.o glplpx02.o glplpx03.o glpluf.o glplux.o glpmat.o glpmpl01.o glpmpl02.o glpmpl03.o glpmpl04.o glpmpl05.o glpmpl06.o glpmps.o glpnet01.o glpnet02.o glpnet03.o glpnet04.o glpnet05.o glpnet06.o glpnet07.o glpnet08.o glpnet09.o glpnpp01.o glpnpp02.o glpnpp03.o glpnpp04.o glpnpp05.o glpqmd.o glprgr.o glprng01.o glprng02.o glpscf.o glpscl.o glpsdf.o glpspm.o glpspx01.o glpspx02.o glpsql.o glpssx01.o glpssx02.o glptsp.o amd_1.o amd_2.o amd_aat.o amd_control.o amd_defaults.o amd_dump.o amd_info.o amd_order.o amd_post_tree.o amd_postorder.o amd_preprocess.o amd_valid.o colamd.o
ranlib: unrecognized option `-q'
ranlib: Try `ranlib --help' for more information.
ar: internal ranlib command failed
make[2]: *** [] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

I went through the forums, but the forums suggest that ranlib fails because of some extra space in the path. I am unable to locate where and what to fix.


- Manish

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