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Re: [Help-glpk] [Fwd: .run file equivalent in GLPK?]

From: Reginald Beardsley
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] [Fwd: .run file equivalent in GLPK?]
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2012 09:57:25 -0800 (PST)


I do a lot of the sort of thing Robbie described.

I have the basic model in a GMPL file w/ the data in a separate file.  I run a 
program that reads the raw data from several files to generate the GMPL data 
file.  I found that this worked much better than trying to read 2D & 3D arrays 
from .csv files.

It looks approximately like this:


LIST=`/bin/ls data `

for I in ${LIST}

   myprog_1 data/${I} >job/${I}

   glpsol -m job.mod -d job/${I} -o out/${I}

   myprog_2 out/${I} >plot/${I}


In a *nix commandline environment (Solaris, BSD, Linux, MacOS X & Cygwin), the 
shell and awk can easily automate many tasks.  So no matter what you're using, 
this is a viable solution.  

I know a number of people who use Cygwin on Windows in preference to Linux 
because they have other software that is not available on Linux.  All the 
others have this available by default.


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