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Re: [Help-glpk] MIP Solvers (i.e CBC, CPLEX, GLPK, GUROBI, LPSOLVE, SCIP

From: Noli Sicad
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] MIP Solvers (i.e CBC, CPLEX, GLPK, GUROBI, LPSOLVE, SCIPC, SCIPL, SCIPS and XPRESS) Benchmark
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 10:26:22 +1100

Hallo Xypron,

(Posted early with attached files and still needs moderator to
approved it. This post is without the attached files but just gist
links for FreeMPS and MPS files).

> you are right that the GMPL interpreter has a value on its own.
> Cf.
> Unfortunately the interfaces between GLPK-GMPL and other solvers tend
> to be one time efforts without further maintenance.

Yes, I have been outputting my MIP model into freeMPS and MPS format
and trying to use CBC and LPSolve but I did not manage to get the
desired resutls.

Here are the FreeMPS and MPS files download links.



The Timber Harvesting Model have Adjacent constraint and every tight
evenflows (i.e. + /- 2.5 % from the previous harvest). This is
smoothing of the harvest.

I would like to see some benchmark results on this model using CBC,
LPSolve, CPLEX, Gurobi, etc.

Anybody using CBC and LPSolve, please tell how do you solve this model
and how long it takes to solve it.

GLPK/Mathprog with --pcost switch solve this model in 37m39.289s.

Model has been successfully processed

real    37m39.289s
user    37m37.011s
sys     0m1.930s



Thanks in advance.



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