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Re: [Help-glpk] Multithreading/parallelization

From: Noli Sicad
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Multithreading/parallelization
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 11:47:10 +1100


See if you got /ThirdParty/Glpk/glpk/include/glpk.h now, if not

1. Run get.glpk again.

Note: Please don't try to edit the get.glpk and replace glpk-4.45 with

2. ./configure in /ThirdParty/Glpk directory.

Note: Don't do any make and install in this directory.

3.  configure in the CBC directory.

 ./configure CFLAGS='-m64 -O3' CC=gcc-4.7 --enable-gnu-packages
     --enable-cbc-parallel --enable-debug -C --prefix=/usr/local

4. make

Please note that at the every end of the make logs, you will see that
glpk is being built.

5. If you don't have any problems / errors, then sudo make install.


On 12/19/12, Harley Mackenzie <address@hidden> wrote:
> Noli,
> I had a look at the config.log for the CBC configure step and found
> these important parts:
>   configure:21403: checking whether source of project Glpk is available
>   and should be compiled
>   configure:21512: result: no, source file
>   ./ThirdParty/Glpk/glpk/include/glpk.h not available
> Before my second attempt at the compilation, I went into the
> ./ThirdParty/Glpk directory and ran ./configure, make, sudo make install
> and this process  put the glpk.h file in ./ThirdParty/Glpk/glpk/coin/
> After running ./get.Glpk in the initial installed Glpk directory, this
> is the directory structure of the ./ThirdParty/Glpk/glpk directory:
>   config.h
>   configure
>   depcomp
>   glpk <= source directory for glpk
>   glpk.patch
>   install-sh
>   missing
>   config.guess
>   config.sub
>   get.Glpk
>   INSTALL.Glpk
> The get.Glpk script downloaded Glpk, installed into glpk and then
> patched the file. What is the next step in the /ThirdParty/Glpk/glpk
> directory?
> Do I configure, make and make install from within the
> ./ThirdParty/Glpk/glpk directory as this does not put the glpk.h file
> into ./ThirdParty/Glpk/glpk/include but some directories below this?
> Is the GLPK configure script and the make file called by the the main
> CBC configure file or do I need to do this from within the
> ./ThirdParty/Glpk/glpk directory possibly with some --prefix prior to
> configuring and compiling CBC?
> If I do need to run configure in the ./ThirdParty/Glpk/glpk directory,
> do I use the same ./configure options that I used for the main CBC
> program configure?
>     ./configure CFLAGS='-m64 -O3' CC=gcc-4.7 --enable-gnu-packages
>     --enable-cbc-parallel --enable-debug -C --prefix=/usr/local
> Thanks for all your help,
> Harley

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