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Re: [Help-glpk] & google spreadsheet

From: Simon Sin
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] & google spreadsheet
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2013 15:57:13 +0800


I had the mistake to enrolled too many at the same time.  Coursera courses are good but the expected work suggested by the course outline is really depends on individual.  I have trouble keeping up with the progress.  When everybody are in their 4th week, I'm still wondering and wandering in Week 1.  Thus have to give up some earlier homework assignments.  So I would like to add to your points:  don't enrolled more than two courses during any 3-months period.  The temptation is high and you have to take control of yourself.  Point 2 is that if your internet connection is not broadband, watching the course lecture will be difficult.  I have a fibre connection at home but sometime the video couldn't catch up.  I have to download them and watch thus missing the interesting quizzes sandwiched in the lectures.

Happy crunching.  Simon.

2013/3/15 Harley Mackenzie <address@hidden>
I note that Simon is taking the Cousera Linear opimtization class and I was wondering if many other people on this list are also taking the class? I did post the details of the course on this list a month or two ago.
On a personal level, the course so far (we are about half way) has had the following outcomes for me:
  1. I have now realised how little formal linear algebra I have done - some of the proofs and logic are very difficult for me to follow but  have no trouble with understanding the outcomes of the analysis.
  2. On that subject - why do maths courses obsessively spend most of the time on the proofs when I would have thought the emphasis on the implications and applications are so much more useful? I am happy to believe that a stated theorem can be proved, but I dont really need to know how.
  3. The programming aspects of the source using Python and sympy have really been interesting and useful and really help the understanding of the theory.
  4. I have been able to get into reading the linear algebra texts where previously my attempts have not got me very far.
All of the coursera courses I have done (Computing for Data Analysis [R], Data Analysis [just finishing this week] and the linear programming course) have all been excellent and I would highly recommend them and they are free. There is a very interesting
Discrete Optimization course starting on 18 June in which I have also enrolled.
They do take discipline and commitment to complete but they are definitely worthwhile.
On Thu, Mar 14, 2013, at 22:24, Simon Sin wrote:
thank you for GLPK.js and the subsequent work.  I did have a time where Google SS couldn't solve my model claiming it non-linear.  I have since looking for a way to make Google SS works.  With your constribution, I can now concentrate on the task at hand rather than searching for suitable solver for Google SS (in fact, there is none even though Google had a project on linear programming). Also, thanks for login via Google.  Previously I had have problems creating account in   I'm currently taking a class on linear optimization.  I was looking forward to making use of for the class.  Cheers.  Simon.  
2013/3/14 Henri Gourvest <address@hidden>
I added google spreadsheet integration, so you can read and write data to your own worksheets. You have to login with your google account to use this feature.
I also added support of Google Chart, so you can now render beautiful graphics or data tables, without using html or gnuplot.
I started writing documentation, as you suspect, English is not my native language, there is probably some mistakes.
Tell me if I need to write something on a specific point.
Henri Gourvest
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