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[Help-glpk] glpk Limitation? Or what is the problem

From: john tass
Subject: [Help-glpk] glpk Limitation? Or what is the problem
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 12:28:49 +0300

Good morning,
I am trying to solve a large LP problem and I start my code (in C++) using the following lines.
int C = 30;
 int H = 30;
 int R = 6;
 glp_prob *lp;
 int ia[1 + C*H*R + C*R], ja[1 + C*H*R + C*R];
 double ar[1 + C*H*R + C*R], z;
 cout<<"Basic matrices of LP problem are defined"<<"\n";
 lp = glp_create_prob();
 cout<<"lp problem created"<<"\n";
 glp_set_prob_name(lp, "sample");
 cout<<"Name of lp problem defined"<<"\n";
 glp_set_obj_dir(lp, GLP_MIN);
 cout<<"Direction of lp problem defined"<<"\n";
But something is wrong and I can not realize what it is. The program interrupt as soon as it gets at line 9
 (cout<<"Basic matrices of LP problem are defined"<<"\n";) which is executed fine. The problem occurs at the next line 10
(lp = glp_create_prob();)
and the program returns an error code like "3221225477". Is the problem related to the size of LP problem?
Thanks for helping me
Ioannis Tassopoulos

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