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[Help-glpk] Help adjacency constraints

From: te zi
Subject: [Help-glpk] Help adjacency constraints
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 11:34:15 -0700


I have a problem to add an adjacency constraints to my model.

I have an adjacency matrices in dat. file is like that:

param adjacent
S48    S48    0,
S12    S48    0,
S74    S48    1,
S57    S48    0,
S27    S48    0,
S45    S48    0,
S84    S48    1, and so on.

In the main model

set S;
/* stands */
set P;
/* periods */

param adjacent{m in S, n in S} default 0 ;

var x{s in S, p in P} binary;

subject to adjacency{i in S, p in P}: sum{k in S} adjacent[i,k] * x[k,p] <= 1;

then i calculate the main function. however adjacency constraints does not work somehow. I didnt find anything else to improve it. could you please help me to find out what I am doing wrong and how i can fix it?


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