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[Help-glpk] Using optimal solution in another LP model

From: Shaghayegh Mokarami
Subject: [Help-glpk] Using optimal solution in another LP model
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2015 20:33:48 +0430


My problem contains two LP model, LP1 and LP2 which be solved separately.

The variables of model LP1 and LP2 are defined as x[i,j] and y[i,j], respectively where

(i,j) in E, and

set E within (V cross V); 

set V := 1..n; 


I want to use the optimum solutions of LP1 and LP2, in third LP model LP3 as parameters.

For example, LP3 contains these commands:

param x{(i,j) in E};

param y{(i,j) in E};


var z{(i,j) in E};                                



maximize Val: sum {(i,j) in E} (x(i,j)+ y(i,j))* z(i,j);


How should I save the optimum values of  x[i,j] and y[i,j] such that they

can be read in LP3 as parameters.

Thanks in advanced



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