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Re: [Help-glpk] GLPK for Windows 4.57, GLPK for Java 1.3.0, and GLPK for

From: Sylvain Fournier
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] GLPK for Windows 4.57, GLPK for Java 1.3.0, and GLPK for C#/CLI 1.1.0 released
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2015 10:42:38 -0200

Thanks Heinrich! still contains the old libraries, right? I'll test it after the next update and let you know if there is any problem.
And what about providing the Linux libraries in the next releases?

Sylvain Fournier

2015-11-30 18:54 GMT-02:00 Heinrich Schuchardt <address@hidden>:
Hello Sylvain,

I just released GLPK for Java 1.3.1 which fixes the error.

Best regards

Heinrich Schuchardt

On 30.11.2015 19:26, Sylvain Fournier wrote:
> Hi Heinrich,
> I recently updated GLPK for Java to version 4.57 and I'd like to share
> some considerations I had for the next versions.
> First, in my Windows application, I don't install GLPK for Java in the
> system but instead I link directly to the .dll libraries provided in the
> link you sent. When I try to execute my project, I get an unsatisfied
> link error ("Can't find dependent libraries"), which enforces me to load
> the GLPK library in my application using the following command:
> System.loadLibrary("glpk_4_57");
> This line must be changed at each new GLPK version. On the other hand,
> in my Linux application, I don't need to load this library: it seems
> that the .so management is more "clever" on Linux and manages to
> automatically link to the right dependent library.
> My suggestion for the next GLPK for Java releases is to add this library
> loading, if possible, just before the glpk_4_57_java library loading in
> glpk.i. Or did I miss some explanation why it hasn't been done until now?
> Finally, is there some reason why the Linux libraries (.so) are not
> provided in any of the releases of GLPK or GLPK for Java? I don't mind
> compiling the libraries when I have to update GLPK, but then I'd like to
> understand why the libraries are given for Windows and not for Linux.
> Regards,
> *Sylvain Fournier*
> 2015-11-08 23:27 GMT-02:00 Heinrich Schuchardt <address@hidden
> <mailto:address@hidden>>:
>     GLPK for Windows 4.57 has been released. It provides 32 and 64 bit
>     binaries for Windows. The project is located at
> .
>     GLPK for Windows 4.57 includes  GLPK for Java 1.3.0 and GLPK for C#/CLI
>     1.1.0.
>     GLPK for Java provides a Java binding for the GLPK library. The project
>     is located at .
>     GLPK for C#/CLI provide a Common Language Interface binding for the GLPK
>     library it allows to use all programming languages supported by Mono and
>     .NET together with GLPK, e.g. C#, Visual Basic .NET, and F#. The project
>     is located at . The Git repository is
>     located at .
>     Best regards
>     Heinrich Schuchardt
>     _______________________________________________
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