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[Help-glpk] glpk 4.60 release information

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: [Help-glpk] glpk 4.60 release information
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2016 14:32:08 +0300

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GLPK 4.60 Release Information

Release date: April 1, 2016

GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) is intended for solving large-scale
linear programming (LP), mixed integer linear programming (MIP), and
other related problems. It is a set of routines written in ANSI C89 and
organized as a callable library.

        In this release:

        Some improvements were made in the primal and dual simplex
        solvers to make the solution process more numerically stable.

        An experimental long-step ratio test feature was added to the
        dual simplex. On API level this feature is available thru the
        GLP_RT_FLIP option. For glpsol it is available thru the options
        --flip. This feature is not documented yet.

        Additional check was added to reject wrong solutions sometimes
        reported by the PROXY heuristic.

        A bug (memory leak) was fixed in the FPUMP heuristic routine.
        Thanks to <address@hidden> for bug report.

        The header sql.h was renamed to avoid conflicts with standard
        ODBC headers. Thanks to Noli Sicad <address@hidden> for bug

See GLPK web page at <>.

GLPK distribution can be ftp'ed from <> or
from some mirror ftp sites; see <>.

MD5 check-sum is the following:

eda7965907f6919ffc69801646f13c3e *glpk-4.60.tar.gz

GLPK is also available as a Debian GNU/Linux package. See its web page
at <>.

Precompiled GLPK binaries (lib, dll, exe) for 32- and 64-bit MS Windows
can be downloaded from <>.
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