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[Help-glpk] help with code for particular constraint

From: Bogers, F.R.
Subject: [Help-glpk] help with code for particular constraint
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2017 09:21:05 +0000

Hi everybody,

How do i code the constraint which i attached to this email in a picture?

I have troubles with coding the summations. I was thinking the following: 

subject to Three{i in B, j in V, k in K} : sum{e in V:e!=j} sum {g in K:g<k}  ((HT[i,e] * x[i,e,g]+y[i,e,g]) + y[i,j,k] – (A[j]-S[i])*x[i,j,k] >=0) ;

But i do not know how to index the e (or "not j").  If i apply these text, i get the following error: 

character â not allowed
Context: ...e ] * x [ i , e , g ] + y [ i , e , g ] ) + y [ i , j , k ] 
MathProg model processing error

Big thanks in advance!

With kind regards,
Frank Bogers

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