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Re: [Help-glpk] Loading matrix param from Excel table in GLPK

From: Heinrich Schuchardt
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Loading matrix param from Excel table in GLPK
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2017 21:23:51 +0100
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Hello Rodolfo,

I guess it would be a better idea to format the CSV such that C1 and C2
values go into columns:


Otherwise use:

set D, dimen 3;
set C2;
set C1 := setof{(i,j,k) in D} i;
param traffic_st{i in C1, j in C2} >=0 :=
  if j = "AGU" then sum{(i,k,l) in D} k else sum{(i,k,l) in D} l;
table t1 IN "CSV" "foo.csv" :
D <- [IDX, AGU, CEN];
display traffic_st;
set C2:=AGU CEN;

with foo.csv:


Please, be aware that GLPK for Windows 4.61 comes with examples for
using the GLPK library with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Best regards

On 03/10/2017 09:00 PM, Rodolfo Grosso wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to pass matrix values contained in excel file or csv to a
> matrix parameter, for example, Excel table:
>          AGU    CEN
> ITU      5    6
> PMO   7    8
> So that I can read  through the parameter traffic:
> traffic[ITU,AGU]=5
> traffic[PMO,AGU]=7
> ...
> In the real case there are many values.
> For this, I made the following code, but it did not work:
> set C1;
> set C2;
> param traffic_st{C1,C2} >=0;
> table data IN "CSV" "traffic_st1.csv":
> [i ~ C1], {j in C2} <traffic_st[i,j] ~ (j)>;
> and I define C2 in .dat file like:
> set C2:=AGU CEN;
> Thank you in advance for your help
> Best regards.
> Rodolfo

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