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[Help-glpk] Thread Safety of GLPK

From: Simone Atzeni
Subject: [Help-glpk] Thread Safety of GLPK
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2017 21:52:39 -0600


In the GLPK documentation, paragraph "2.1.3 Thread Safety" states:

"The standard version of GLPK API is not thread safe and therefore should not be used in multi-threaded programs.”

Does it mean that two threads can not solve two independent LP/MIP simultaneously?
For example, I am running a multi-threaded program where each thread is solving a different MIP, and I am experiencing a segmentation fault.
I tried to analyzed the problem with GDB and looks like the seg fault is happening when one thread free the memory of its own MIP.

Could the non-thread safety be the reason of the segmentation fault?

I put the function call that creates and solves the MIP within a mutex lock/unlock and the segmentation fault is not happening, so I guess that answers my question.
But if that’s the reason, is there a workaround or  thread-safe GLPK version?
The mutex reduces heavily the performance of my program.

Best Regards,

Simone Atzeni
PhD Candidate
School of Computing
University of Utah
mobile: +1 (801) 696-8373

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