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Re: GLPSOL in webassemby faster than native ?

From: Manuel Muñoz Márquez
Subject: Re: GLPSOL in webassemby faster than native ?
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2020 09:51:59 +0200
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>Why do you want glpk to produce absolutely identical results on
> different platforms? This has no practical sense. 

I think this is a desirable behavior. If your are solving a real
problem it look very weird if you provides a solution using your
computer and when you put in the user web server the system provides

Another point, is that if the calculation, and so the time required,
depends on the platform there is no reliable way to compare "my
results" with previous research.

Some systems, as LaTeX, work in that way. The result doesn't depend
even the floating computation capabilities of the system CPU.

Manuel Muñoz Márquez <>


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