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Re: Help: read from txt files

From: Greg Gruber
Subject: Re: Help: read from txt files
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 15:04:52 -0500

Hi Manuel,

You can use the "CSV table driver" functionality, as discussed in Appendix C of the user guide. You can both read from and write columnar data to CSV formatted text files.

Also, the printf functionality can be used for outputting to text files using the standard piping (">" for a new file, ">>" for appending). This is discussed in section 4.9 of the user guide. Note that the printf function gives you tremendous flexibility for formatting your output.

Best regards,

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Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 18:48:43 +0000
From: Manuel Castro <>
To: "help-glpk" <>
Subject: Help: read from txt files
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Hi there,

Is it possible to get GLPK to read/write data from/to text files?

If yes:

what is the syntax statement one should use for that purpose?

what is the format the input data in the text file should be in?

Many thanks in advance for your help. It's really appreciated.

Kind regards,


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