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RE: Development of gnatsweb

From: Wasserman, Sherry
Subject: RE: Development of gnatsweb
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 15:24:57 -0400


I am currently working on bringing gnatsweb up at our location.  I like what
are doing to the screens.  I am not a perl programmer, so I'd really
appreciate it
if you'd share your code.


Sherry Wasserman
Comverse Network Systems
1025 Briggs Rd., Suite 100
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 U.S.A
856-608-2858 <> 

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                Subject:        Development of gnatsweb

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                Dear gnats developers,

                as I've gotten the impression that the gnatsweb developers
are quite tired of 
                working with their program, I turn to this list instead.

                First, gnats seems to be a really nice program, easy to use
and to configure to 
                fit your needs. If only it was easier to set up...

                Well, three things concerning gnatsweb:

                1. Is really $display_user_info used? In that case, I can't
find that it is set 
                when calling page_heading except for one time, and it isn't
properly forwarded 
                to the site_callback function either. Probably it should be

                2. Site-callback is supported only for the start, heading,
footer and ending 
                parts of the page. It'd be nice to let the user have a hand
at the actual pages 
                too, I see why maybe they shouldn't have, but will it be

                3. I know about the "we shouldn't have pictures in gnatsweb
- since then it 
                won't be portable", although I don't agree. Right now I'm
setting up a gnatsweb 
                service for SKF ( and maybe you'd be interested
in seeing how I'm 
                getting it to look. Are you interested in having some of
this implemented in 
                gnatsweb? For example, I think it'd be handy to have access
to all the different 
                pages in the heading of every page.

                Thanks for now.

                /Carl-Johan Sveningsson

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