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GNATS feature requests

From: Bryce McKinlay
Subject: GNATS feature requests
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 11:40:20 +1300

Here are a few requests for GNATS features that would fix problems
with the GCC bug database which I find annoying...

1. Ability to notify multiple mailing lists of follow-ups to certain
PR categories. Currently, notification of new PRs in the libgcj & java
categories are sent to java-prs (as well as gcc-prs), but *follow-ups*
to those PRs do not go to the java-prs list. This is really annoying,
because I have to go to the mailing list pages to check for follow
ups, and often miss them, since I don't really want to subscribe to
gcc-prs ;-). Tom Tromey tells me he tried to configure GNATS to do
this, but it couldn't do it. I can't imagine that it would be
particularly difficult to implement this, and it would make life a
*lot* easier.

2. Notification of changes to fields like "synopsis" and "class-id".
If I rename a PR, or mark it as a duplicate, etc, it would be nice if
GNATS would send out a notification of that change too (or at least
add this information to a notification that it was already going to
send out). Currently it notifies changes to the status, owner, etc,
but for some reason not the other fields.

3. If I mark a bug as a duplicate, it would be really helpful if GNATS
would add the email of the originator of the duplicate PR to the
notification/contact list of the original/canonical PR (I suppose it
would need a way of specifying which PR the PR is a duplicate of to do
this.). It would also be cool if it would add notes like "PR xx was
marked as a duplicate of this PR" and "This is a duplicate of PR yy"
automatically. It may also be useful to have a "see-also" mechanism to
say that one PR is similar to another, but not necessarily a


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