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installing gnats: config files missing

From: Wes Barris
Subject: installing gnats: config files missing
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 13:38:41 -0600

I am continuing on my quest to install gnats on a redhat 7 system.
I am using the information found here:

Section A.3 refers to a `GNATS_ROOT/gnats-adm/config'.  The
problem is that there is none in the version loaded with cvs.
Is it expected that this file is created from scratch?

Section A.4 says: "In the `gnats-adm' directory, you'll want to edit
`gnatsd.conf'."  This file doesn't exist in the cvs version either.
Where do you get it?

This same section also mentions:

By default, the server for the GNATS daemon is assumed to be one with the name 
of `gnats'. If you'd like something else, use 


Shouldn't something like this be mentioned in the section where you
are configuring/compiling the software so that you don't have to go
back and re-compile?  It is unlikely that the hostname will happen
to be named "".

Wes Barris                                            address@hidden
Network Computing Services, Inc.                           612.337.3423
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