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Solved gnatsweb installation problem

From: stefan . kaes
Subject: Solved gnatsweb installation problem
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 13:50:18 +0100

I got gnatsweb working now (probably forgot killing inetd after changing
userid for gnatsd subprocess, umph).

Question: does someone have the sente-reports.html file. It contains
examples of how to use the chartinh module.

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Re: how to install gnatsweb???                     
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At 10:27 20.03.2001 +0100, address@hidden wrote:

>Hmm, I forgot about emacs and the command line tools, since I have stopped
>using them long time ago.
>It would probably be a lot of work to to fully support mime in the emacs
>mode and the command line.
>I have another suggestion: don't include the attachments in the pr.
>Why not simply store them along with the pr and make the attachment
>directory read/write accessible to the web server?
>The attachments could then be extracted by gnatsweb and replaced by URLs
>the files on the web server.
>The URL's could then be replaced by hrefs when presented through gnatsweb
>to the user.
>And most email clients convert http://... text into clickable URLs anyway.

Yes, that sounds like a workable solution. And we definitely need to store
the attachments somewhere else - just the other day, a customer sent us a
.8 Gb log file!

- Yngve

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