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Re: gnats/133

From: Sarang Padalkar
Subject: Re: gnats/133
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 09:25:27 -0700

Please see my comments embedded below

>>>>> "M" == Milan Zamazal <address@hidden> writes:

    M> [gnats-devel@: This is a problem with pending lock files in
    M> GNATS 3.113, the original PR and my answer is at the end
    M> below.]

>>>>> "SP" == Sarang Padalkar <address@hidden> writes:
    SP> We seem to be running into the same problem frequently (once a
    SP> week).  Does anybody know what triggers this problem?

    M> I don't and would be very interested in it.

    M> Do you use Gnatsweb for accessing the affected databases?

Yes (2.7beta). In my case, there is always a core file (gnatsd) that
is left behind. My suspicion is that the lock file is not removed because
gnatsd crashes. 
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Catamaran Communications                    2345 Harris Way, San Jose, CA 95131

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