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Re: send-pr broken

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: Re: send-pr broken
Date: 08 Apr 2001 19:38:52 +0200
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>>>>> "WB" == Wes Barris <address@hidden> writes:

    WB> address@hidden send-pr It seems that send-pr is not installed with
    WB> your organization set to a useful value.  To fix this, you need
    WB> to edit the  configuration file and fill in the organization

The name of the file should be there, but wasn't because of a typo in
the text (fixed now).  The file is basically a shell script sourced in
by send-pr.  There are also other means to set the parameters,
e.g. through shell variables, but I think that is undocumented as well.
Yes, the documentation will be fixed.

Milan Zamazal

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