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Re: GNATS feature requests

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: Re: GNATS feature requests
Date: 08 Apr 2001 17:37:40 +0200
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>>>>> "BM" == Bryce McKinlay <address@hidden> writes:

    BM> Here are a few requests for GNATS features that would fix
    BM> problems with the GCC bug database which I find annoying...

    BM> 1. Ability to notify multiple mailing lists of follow-ups to
    BM> certain PR categories.


    BM> 2. Notification of changes to fields like "synopsis" and
    BM> "class-id".


    BM> 3. If I mark a bug as a duplicate, it would be really helpful if
    BM> GNATS would add the email of the originator of the duplicate PR
    BM> to the notification/contact list of the original/canonical PR


I think all the requests are reasonable.  I'll try to implement once
GNATS 4 is released (till that time, there are more critical tasks like
getting the system work well, to fix all important bugs from BTS, and
updating the manual).


Milan Zamazal

I think any law that restricts independent use of brainpower is suspect.
                                               -- Kent Pitman in comp.lang.lisp

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