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Re: GNATS feature requests

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: Re: GNATS feature requests
Date: 09 Apr 2001 20:51:38 +0200
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>>>>> "RE" == Richard Earnshaw <address@hidden> writes:

    RE> It would also be useful for the canonical PR to contain a
    RE> reference to those PRs that are duplicates, just in case one of
    RE> them happens to have additional pertinent information.  A field
    RE> such as "duplicates: <pr-list>" would do this.

Yes, there should be some way of linking of both the problems (kind of
virtual merge).

Milan Zamazal

Here is my advice, don't try to program the bleeding edge for the
general populace unless you really, really, really like migraines.
                                                   Neal H. Walfield

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