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gen-index caveat in 4.0

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: gen-index caveat in 4.0
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 14:25:15 +0200

(Details at

I tried migrating one of our databases to Gnats 4. Among other things, I had to regenerate the index file. I first tried leaving the default setting of "binary-index true" in dbconfig. gen-index generated a faulty index, with queries bombing with the error message

622 - Index file /usr/local/share/gnats/helpdesk/gnats-adm/index contains incorrect number of fields

After setting binary-index to "false" and rerunning gen-index, things worked as they should.

Inspecting the check-db script, I noticed the --numeric option of gen-index, which makes gen-index sort its output by PR number. On a hunch I tried passing that option when regernerating the index. And that produced a working binary index!

In short: When regenerating a binary index, use the --numeric option with gen-index.

Now, I wonder what causes this. If it is a simple oversight in the binary-index handling of gnatsd, it should be corrected. But if numeric sorting order is always needed due to design, gen-index should be modified to use the --numeric option as default.

Yngve Svendsen
IS Engineer
Clustra AS, Trondheim, Norway

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