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ChangeLog for Gnatsweb 2.8.0-dev

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: ChangeLog for Gnatsweb 2.8.0-dev
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 01:51:14 +0200

The following is a current snapshot of the detailed ChangeLog for the upcoming Gnatsweb 2.8.0 release. The focus has been almost exclusively on bugfixing, since 2.8.0 is meant as a more or less "final" version on the 2.x branch. The 2.x versions will not work with Gnats 4.

This takes care of almost all relevant patches that have been submitted to gnats-devel, almost all outstanding PRs in (with only one or two exceptions that seemed rather marginal) and almost all the bugs that have been encountered during our own production use of Gnatsweb.

The only thing left is to revise the README, INSTALL and TODO files.

Unless further patches are submitted within the next couple of days, I plan on a release later this week.

Yngve Svendsen
IS Engineer
Clustra AS, Trondheim, Norway

2001-05-01  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * (query_page, display_query_results, sendpr,
          print_attachments, edit, login_page): Systematic cleaning of
          HTML. Tons of table tags terminated.

        * (advanced_query_page): Add a line below the Closed
          After and Closed Before reminding users to uncheck Ignore
          Closed. Lots of HTML fixes. Added a little bit of vertical space
          between tables.

2001-04-30  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * (error_page): Enclose $err_text in paragraph tags.

        * (view, edit): Add a check for non-digit characters
          in PR numbers. If such characters are found, an appropriate
          error message is issued. gnatsd will actually accept PR numbers
          on the format string/xxxx, where xxxx is a number, and return
          the appropriate PR. However, when edits are submitted to such a PR,
          a new PR with the "number" 'string/xxxx' would be created, with
          the same category as the original PR. This isa workaround for
          that problem.

2001-04-30  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * Add some missing paragraph tags in order to make
          stylesheet formatting work properly.

2001-04-30  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * (page_heading): Set the width of the table
          containing the page heading and database, username and access
          level to 100%. Opera would display a too narrow table when the
          width wasn't explicitly set.

        * (page_start_html): Make the banner a bit smaller,
          and use a different typeface. Should work well in all browsers.

2001-04-30  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * (display_query_results): Corrected a couple of
          typos in the escapeHTML calls.

2001-04-30  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * (get_reply): gerror() was not being called when server
          returned $CODE_NO_PRS, as this was not being considered an
          error. This made Gnatsweb attempt to "edit" or "view" PRs with
          any number typed into the main page edit or view textfields,
          whether the PR with that number actually existed or not. Editing
          caused a new PR to be created, with the erroneous number. It
          basically accepted any input from these textfields, making it
          possible to create PRs with "numbers" made out of arbitrary

        * (readpr): Added an if clause to trigger on errors
          from the client_cmd subroutine. This fixed the problem
          mentioned above.

2001-04-30  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * gnatsweb.html: Clean up HTML, fix spelling, remove some <I>'s
          and <B>'s that made the text less readable. Some slight
          rephrasing in order to clarify things.

        * (main): Add an explicit link to the automatic
          redirection page. Fix due to Mark Kuchel.

        * (main): Generate proper cookie paths. Fix
          due to Mark Kuchel.

2001-04-30  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * (submitedit): Issue a HTTP-EQUIV Refresh META tag in
          HEAD, in addition to the standard Refresh HTTP header. This
          makes the post-edit redirect work in MS Internet Explorer.

        * (login_page_javascript): Use correct <SCRIPT

2001-04-29  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * (download_attachment): MS Internet Explorer 5.5
          would attempt to save downloaded attachments under the same name
          as the Gnatsweb script file, typically This is
          because MSIE handles the HTTP header "Content-Disposition:
          attachment" wrongly. It needs "file" instead of "attachment".
          Inserted a conditional to send the header based on

        * (decode_attachment): Editing bugs with attached
          files used to bomb out trying to chomp a constant string. Fix
          due to Tommi Virtanen.

2001-04-29  Yngve Svendsen  <address@hidden>

        * (mark_urls): New function.
          (view): Use it.
          (edit): Likewise.
          This is basically Tom Tromey's patch for Gnats 4 Gnatsweb
          backported to 2.7beta.

        * Remove the original authors' e-mail addresses,
          they are no longer valid.

        * New configuration variable $site_stylesheet.
          (page_start_html): Use it.

        * Bump version number to 2.8.0-dev.

        * (display_query_results): Apply's escapeHTML
          to field contents when printing the query results. Allow the
          Synopsis field to wrap.

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