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Re: Proposal for a Gnats 3.114 release

From: Rick Macdonald
Subject: Re: Proposal for a Gnats 3.114 release
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 15:54:08 -0600 (MDT)

On Fri, 4 May 2001, Yngve Svendsen wrote:

> Gnats 4 will take some time still, as far as I can see. Therefore, I would 
> like to propose that we reease the current tip of the v3 tree as Gnats 
> 3.114. A "wrapup release" of Gnats 3 would complement Gnatsweb 2.8.0 
> perfectly, I think.

I have a dev version of TkGnats that I should have released a year ago. If
I update my web page, will you include it in the gnats 3.114 release? It
will be tkgnats v3.0.18.

Here is the changelog:

Changes in 3.0.17 PRE_RELEASE


o  The Help for Category, Submitter-Id and Responsible is now dynamic
   and descriptions are taken from the categories, submitters and
   responsibles files as configured in gnats-adm. (This info is
   retrieved via gnatsd or [n]query-pr.


o  In SendPr, unqualified names in the Notify-List only get the 
   default domainname appended if the name is _not_ found in the
   responsibles list. For this to work, it is assumed that the
   first and third fields of the responsible entry are different.
   For example, this will not get the default domainname appended:
           rickm:Rick Macdonald:address@hidden
   but this will:
           rickm:Rick Macdonald:
o  A new config variable TkGnats(QueryFileMenu) adds items to the File
   menu of the main Query window. See tkgnats.config for examples.


o  Fixed error when handling gnatsd access denied problems:

   Error in startup script: can't read "TkGnats(UserAccess)": no such
   in array while executing
   "if {$TkGnats(UserAccess) == "noaccess"} {
       # The userid/password isn't valid or otherwise returned
       if {[info exist..."
       (procedure "get_gnats_config" line 13) invoked from within
           (file "/opt/tkgnats/share/tkgnats/tkquerypr.tcl" line 64)

o  Updated delete_pr to work. It's been broken since about gnats-3.107.


o  Line wrapping in the Full, Raw and Description_Summary reports
   has been fixed, again. 

o  The Full PR report now begins a new page for each PR.


o  If you edit a PR where the Responsible person has been removed 
   from the responsibles file, the PR would get saved with a blank
   Responsible field. This triggers a bug in gen-index which causes
   the previous index record to be duplicated and the one with the
   blank Responsible person gets lost. To fix this, the Responsible
   field is now hard-wired as mandatory for the EditPr window, and
   the user is warned about the invalid value.


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