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Re: Proposal for a Gnats 3.114 release

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: Re: Proposal for a Gnats 3.114 release
Date: 06 May 2001 19:12:11 +0200
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>>>>> "YS" == Yngve Svendsen <address@hidden> writes:

    YS> Gnats 4 will take some time still, as far as I can see.

Yes. :-(

    YS> Therefore, I would like to propose that we reease the current
    YS> tip of the v3 tree as Gnats 3.114.

For the reason above, I think it's not a bad idea to make a bug fix
release of GNATS 3.113.

However, this version should be only useful to the people who already
run GNATS on their production systems and have problems with segfaults.
It shouldn't attract new GNATS users and let them to try the new version
and report bugs about it (most GNATS 3 bugs are not present in GNATS 4,
so this would only add me an extra work).  So I'd suggest to use the
version number 3.113.1 or something similar and clearly state that this
is only a bug-fix release and suggest to wait for GNATS 4 to be released
"soon" (in Gerald's terminology:-) for those who don't have problems
with their 3.113 systems.

    YS> Milan: I am ready to take on the task of committing the fix
    YS> above, packing the new release (with Gnatsweb 2.8.0), uploading
    YS> and announcing it.

OK, thanks, but please consult each step with me before performing it.
I also think I've got one uncommitted bug fix in my tree, I'll commit it
today or tomorrow.

As for TkGnats, the new version should definitely be included.


Milan Zamazal

When you're in a fight with an idiot, it's difficult for other people to tell
which one the idiot is.                       -- Bruce Perens in debian-devel

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