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gnatsweb question (in the config? in the source?)

From: Phil Edwards
Subject: gnatsweb question (in the config? in the source?)
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 02:04:26 -0400
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I sent a message similar to this one to Gerald, who kindly pointed me to
this list.  (I'm not subscribed, so please cc me on followups.)

I'd like to make a change/extension to gnatsweb.  When gnats sends out
its initial-submission mail, it does so with a header like

    Subject: foo/NNN: the gronkulator isn't frobilizing properly

but when I make changes to the PR via gnatsweb, it sends out mail with

    Subject: foo/NNN

which makes arranging the email in my mailbox difficult, since remembering
the synopsis for a few dozen arbitrary PR numbers is more than what my tiny
little brain can handle.  I'd like to change things so that the synopsis
is always part of the subject line.

Maybe this isn't a config issue, maybe it's coded that way.  Or maybe this
is a gnats issue, instead of a gnatsweb issue.  Where do I start looking?


pedwards at disaster dot jaj dot com  |  pme at sources dot redhat dot com
devphil at several other less interesting addresses in various dot domains
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