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Announcing GNATS 3.113.1

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: Announcing GNATS 3.113.1
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 23:40:51 +0200

GNATS version 3.113.1 has been released and is now ready for use.

It is available from the main GNU ftp site at It is also available from, with another mirror at

This release fixes some serious bugs encountered in GNATS 3.113. If you have experienced problems with that version, we suggest you upgrade. For people wanting to evaluate GNATS for new deployments, we recommend that you either wait a bit for the official release of GNATS 4 or grab the current development version of GNATS 4 from CVS (instructions on how to get version 4 are located at

Below is the text from the gnats/BETA entry for this release.

Yngve Svendsen


May 8th, 2001           GNATS 3.113.1

This is a minor bugfix release. It is meant as a more or less final
stable 3.x release -- 3.113 has been out for one and a half year now,
and most of the serious problems that have been detected in 3.113 are
fixed in this release.

Three major problems have been fixed in 3.113.1:

PR gnats/27 in the gnats database is fixed. This was a problem where
paragraphs longer than 512 characters in the PR text would be lost
during subsequent editing of the PR.

When the X-Gnats-Notify mail header field was present but empty,
gnatsd would crash. This has been fixed by a patch from Robert Lupton.

When the 'classes' file contained a "large" number of classes, Gnats
would crash. This was fixed by a patch from Marcelle Gannon.

Other fixes include addition of some missing timezone abbreviations,
so that Gnats now correctly recognizes them in mail headers, spelling
corrections in the documentation and fixes and some fixes to the Emacs
interface to Gnats.

Gnatsweb has been upgraded to 2.8.0, tkgnats has been upgraded to

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