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Re: modular database backends

From: Peter Novodvorsky
Subject: Re: modular database backends
Date: 29 May 2001 12:00:36 +0400
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> Just as a thought, perhaps the whole thing should be done in php/mysql.
> it's a little archaic as is.

If you say so, you didn't got the idea. I don't want  only one backend.
I want modular backends.

> > a database backend for gnats, huh?  i've been thinking about this myself.
> > in fact, it's quite likely to be a major project for me this year.  i
> > haven't gotten too far along, but i will soon have a lot more time to devote
> > to thinking about it.  i wouldn't describe myself as a high powered C
> > programmer (cough cough...), but i've got clue, time, and energy. we
> > should gather together interested parties, and kick some ideas

What do you  think about  my prototype? Is it good or bad? I'm  going
to do modules through dlopen. I would  like to hear you thoughts about it.


Peter Novodvorsky    AltLinux Team, Russia
            Debian  ---  no need to  wait for tomorrow.

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