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Web interface for gnats administration

From: Panon, Paul-Andre
Subject: Web interface for gnats administration
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 10:09:15 -0700

As per Yngve Svendsen 's suggestion in, I have taken Mike Sutton's script for web editing of gnats configuration files and updated it to work with gnats 4.0. The primary goal of this revision was to makes it possible for somebody to do basic gnats maintenance without having a shell account on the system. I have also changed the script to use after examining how that is used by the script. I am not really a perl hacker though, so the code could use a little cleanup and the presentation/layout could be made a little spiffier.  The way we are running it is with Apache-suexec 1.3.14 in a public_html subdirectory in the home directory of the gnatsd account. I have tried to leave in the suid support so that you can run it suid in an older version of Apache, but I didn't really get to test that.

For this revision, I have basically kept with Mike's approach of editing the configuration files for the databases. I am also not doing any data validation on the input used to create new databases. I would prefer to migrate to an entry fields-based approach for changing the configuration to avoid providing direct access to the configuration files, but that's obviously a lot more work.

This update was done while employed by Sierra Systems Group, and they have allowed me to release the changes back to the community. Would there be some interest in including it into the gnats 4.0 distribution?

Paul-Andre Panon
Sierra Systems
1177 West Hastings Street, Suite 2500
Vancouver, BC  V6E 2K3
Main: 604.688.1371
Fax:  604.688.6482


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