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RE: GNATS installation

From: Uma R
Subject: RE: GNATS installation
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 17:33:22 -0700

  We are also working majorly to install it in solaris. If u could gimme the
details of how to get rid of those errors
during installation it would be really great. Also in the installation guide
of the gnatsweb u have mentioned about
the CGI enabled directory. In solaris where will the CGI enabled directory
probably be 'coz in linux i am able to create
/httpd/cgi-bin in the /home directory. In solaris we are struck really.
Could u please tell me how the steps will be for
installing the gnatsweb in solaris. (gnatsweb-2.8.2 is the version i use).

Thanks in advance,
Uma R

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From: Yngve Svendsen [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 3:23 PM
To: Uma R
Subject: RE: GNATS installation

At 15:15 11.07.2001 -0700, Uma R wrote:
>   I have added the support category into the etc/inetd.conf file also as
>the installation guide. By the way this
>is for solaris installation. GNATS is compatible both for solaris as well
>linux is it...In Linux i dint have inetd.conf
>file in /etc and so I created one and added the line but it says connection
>refused in the browser when i tried to
>connect it. Please do bear with me as this is a critical thing for us to
>have GNATS tool right now.

Newer Linux distributions don't run inetd. They have a system daemon called
xinetd, with associated setup files in /etc. There was a posting on the
mailing list a few days ago detailing what entry you need in the xinetd
config files. Have a look at the mailing list archives at

I haven't used xinetd much myself, being more of a Solaris guy, so I am
afraid I can't give much more detailed help. You might try asking for help
with xinetd on the gnats-devel mailing list.


- Yngve

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