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GNATS installation question

From: Giat, Hana
Subject: GNATS installation question
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:05:05 +0300

        First of all, sory to buther the whole mailing list. I'm doing this
just after trying all the other methods i can think about (news gruops,
searching the web, manuals, etc.) 
        I have a problem with GNATS installation. I have installed gnats
with all the defaults, and tried to follow all of the instructions. 
        Although, i cannot spawn the deamon because "520 You are not on the
host access list: stdin (stdin)."
        I think that because of this, "send-pr" replies with a "mysterious
mail failure" message.
        I have added the permissions to the gnatsd.access and gnatsd.conf,
and tried to follow all the instructions there.
        I'll any help...        
                                Thanks in advance,
                                        Hana Giat, Comverse

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