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gnatsweb news

From: Dirk Bergstrom
Subject: gnatsweb news
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 17:43:03 -0700

changelog for gnatsweb in the CVS repository:

2001-09-07  Dirk Bergstrom  <address@hidden>

        * (get_mailto_link): rewritten to properly
        the followup mailto: link contents.

        * (help_page): Changed bare calls to p() & a() to
        $q->p() style calls.  Missed these yesterday.

2001-09-06  Dirk Bergstrom  <address@hidden>

        * Use CGI qw/-nosticky/; This prevents from
        appending a bunch of .cgifields to every self_url().  AFAIK,
        not using's sticky field features, so we can do w/o the
        overhead and the unreasonably long URLs it produces.

        * Changed bare calls to routines to
        calls (ie. submit(foo... becomes $q->submit(foo... ).  This
        us to stop importing the :standard and :netscape extensions to  Doing so should improve the startup time and decrease
        memory footprint.

        * Refresh headers choke on semicolon-separated
        query-strings, so we change semicolons to ampersands in the URL
        everywhere we use refresh.

        * (view, edit, submitedit, download_attachment):
        code to strip non-digit characters from $pr.  Gnatsd sometimes
        accepts category/number, and sometimes does the Wrong Thing, and
        thought it best to remove the possibility of problems.

        * (camouflage, set_pref): Removed camouflage()ing of
        'user', since the first time I used this version of gnatsweb, it
        became convinced that my username was 'ag`tavqw'.  This
        problem far outweighs the meager benefits of masking the
        in the cookie.  camouflage()ing the password will still cause
        migration problems for sites that have used a previous
        of gnatsweb, but it might be worth it...

        * (page_start_html): Don't show logout button if
        $site_gnatsweb_server_auth is set.  Don't show button bar on
        page.  Changed all the html tags to lowercase, for

        * (datemenu, edit): Removed datemenu(), and the one
        (unreachable) reference to it.  It was unused, and probably
        justifiably so, given the robust date parsing abilities in

        * (display_query_results): Strip empty params out of
        $url for the "View for bookmarking" link.

        * (store_query): Strip empty params out of
        $query_string before building cookie, to help keep it under the
        limit.  Check (approx) length of cookie, error if it looks like
        it's going to be over 4K.

        * (get_mailto_link): Added a new config parameter,
        %site_pr_submission_address.  If set for the current database,
        get_mailto_link() adds a mailto: link ("submit followup via
        email") that goes to the local PR submission address and the
        Reply-To address.  The subject is set so that the message gets
        tacked on to the PR's audit trail.

Dirk Bergstrom               address@hidden
Juniper Networks Inc.,          Computer Geek
Tel: 707.433.0564           Fax: 707.433.0769

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