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daemon isn't starting

From: Volker Thamm
Subject: daemon isn't starting
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 13:12:38 +0200


i have trouble starting the daemon.
When i do it with the option --not-inetd (for testing) i get:

520 You're not on the host access list: name.domain (a.b.c.d).

though i added the IP number to the gnatsd.conf file with edit rights like


Regarding the gnatd.conf file it's still not clear if i can grant a whole 
domain (is a pc or a domain?), if the gnatsd.conf file is 
read in a special order (are later or first settings ignored?). what 
happens when i grant rights on both ways name and ip.



P.S.: I had some troubles getting the software on the system (I got the 
known errno.h error, for which seems to exist no solution, yet, and the rpm 
package had problems to fulfill the scripts - are there maybe some special 
configurations needed? The section 'Where gnats lives' helps those who 
didn't have real problems - i need a list of all files and configurations 

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