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Re: gnatsweb PR status change messages

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: Re: gnatsweb PR status change messages
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 01:28:05 +0100

At 22:29 13.11.2001 +0100, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:

Yngve, we now have this patch in production on and it works
as expected -- unless there are strong reasons against, I recommend to
include it for the 2.9x branch.

(If you want, I can create a ChangeLog and apply the patch.)

Hm. After some more consideration, I have decided that this doesn't look like the right way to solve the problem. If I am not completely misunderstanding the problem, wouldn't the correct way to solve this be to set a correct Reply-To header on these messages?

Yngve Svendsen
Gnatsweb maintainer

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