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GNATS development services moved to

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: GNATS development services moved to
Date: 18 Nov 2001 19:07:30 +0100
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The GNU GNATS development services were moved from to  Please see below the descriptions of changes in mailing list
addresses and purposes, web pages, bug tracking system location and CVS
and FTP archives.

* Web page

  The only GNATS home page is now at .
  You should find all the important information regarding GNATS there or
  on the pages referenced from it.  All the running GNATS related
  services are summarized and referenced on the GNATS project page at .

  This is a common home page for both GNATS and Gnatsweb.

* Mailing lists

  There are now the following GNATS mailing lists:

  + address@hidden (formerly address@hidden)
    This is a low volume moderated mailing lists for GNATS related
    announcements, like new releases or important information like this

  + address@hidden (formerly address@hidden)
    A low-to-middle volume mailing list where anything related to GNATS
    can be discussed (development, help, questions, suggestions, etc.).

  + address@hidden (no change)
    Bug reports can be sent there.  Please note it's preferred to submit
    bug reports via the bug tracking system (see below).

  + address@hidden (formerly address@hidden)
    Copies of the bug tracking system messages are sent there.

  + address@hidden (formerly address@hidden)
    CVS commit messages are sent there.

  Please use only the new addresses from now.

  All subscribers of the original mailing lists were subscribed to the
  corresponding new mailing lists.  I apologize if I did any mistake in
  the new subscriptions.

  You can manage your subscriptions and subscription parameters via the
  GNU Mailman interface available at the locations mentioned in the
  footers of all the messages sent to the mailing lists.

  These are common mailing lists for both GNATS and all related projects
  (like Gnatsweb or TkGnats).

* Bug reporting

  The bug tracking system resides now at .
  Please do not use the old location (it should be shut down soon), your
  reports might be lost.

  This is a common bug database for GNATS, Gnatsweb and TkGnats.

  See for the information how to access the new
  CVS archive.  Basically, you can do

    cvs -d:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/gnats login
      (press "enter" when prompted for password)
    cvs -z3 -d:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/gnats co gnats

  to get the current GNATS CVS snapshot.

  Please note Gnatsweb has its own CVS archive, see for more details.

* FTP is now the only official FTP location
  of GNATS.

  Please note Gnatsweb has its own FTP archive.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know, I apologize for any

I thank Red Hat (formerly Cygnus) and its administrators for providing
the GNATS related services till now in an excellent way.

I thank to Hugo Gayosso, Jason Molenda and Jeffrey A. Law for help with
the transfer to the new site.

This was one of the last steps before GNU GNATS 4 beta release, which
you can expect in a few weeks.

Milan Zamazal

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