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Re: configuring audit trail?

From: Dave Allen
Subject: Re: configuring audit trail?
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 11:45:35 -0800


> >I would like to log changes to priority and class, and maybe
> >other fields, in the audit trail.  Is there an easy way to
> >do this, such as changing some parameters in the scripts?  Or
> >does it require new code changes?  If so, is the change
> >required in gnatsweb, or gnats itself, or both?
> You would have to make some changes to Gnatsweb -- changing GNATS would not
> be necessary. The easiest way to get this functionality would be to go to
> GNATS 4, where you can specify exactly what goes into the audit trail when
> any of the fields change. GNATS 4 is due for beta soon.

I would like to do this now, without making my company upgrade to
beta gnats 4.  If I understand, I could do what I want with
gnats 3 by changing only gnatsweb?  Can you point me at a place
in the code to get started?  I've never looked at the gnatsweb
code, but I am OK at perl.

- DaveA

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