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Re: Help: pr-edit is throwing an error !!

From: Rick Macdonald
Subject: Re: Help: pr-edit is throwing an error !!
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 21:29:42 -0700 (MST)

User-defined states (without having to change the GNATS source code at
all) were added in version 3.107. Please upgrade to 3.113. It's not
difficult. Read the UPGRADING file for the simple procedure to upgrade
your index file. There is also a much newer gnatsweb version for 3.113.

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Chandra Ramesh wrote:

> Hello,
>       We have GNATS 3.104 installed on a LINUX machine. We have the Web
> interface ( to Gnats thro' which we file our PRs.
>       For our Project, I added a new State called "Terminate". (The Other
> states are "Open", "in-work", "Fixed-but-to-be-tested", "Closed",
> "Deferred").
>       I added this state "Terminate" in the file "". 
>       I invoke the Gnats to file a PR. I file a PR and I get notification
> thro' mail too. Upto this point it is working fine.
>       Now, I want to "Terminate" this PR. So, I invoke the Web interface.
> I enter the PR number and click on "Edit existing PR".
>       The required form comes and in the "State" drop box, I select
> "Terminate". I also enter the reason for changing the state and finally
>       I click on the "Click here to submit changes" button. After clicking
> the button I am encountering the following error:
>       Your Problem Report changes have not been sent.
>       Error: pr-edit returns status 256, and reports:
>       pr-edit: Invalid fields>State: Terminate.
>       I have a few queries for which I need clarifications:
>       1) I know that I have to add this State elsewhere too. In which file
> should I add this new State? (pr-edit.c, pr.c, query.c....)
>               Which are the files which get modified in case I add a new
> State?
>       2) Should I change any header files?
>       3) After adding this State should I compulsorily use Makefile OR can
> I use "gcc" to compile and produce the executable?
>       4) During Query of PRs too (through the Web interface), I am not
> getting the PRs which are in State "Deferred" and "Terminate".
>               Please let me know how I can rectify this.
>       Please let me know the solution for this.
> Thanks and With Best Regards,
> Ramesh Chandra


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