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RE: Problem setting up GNATSWEB

From: Glenn Henshaw
Subject: RE: Problem setting up GNATSWEB
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 18:00:57 -0800

  Sounds like your web server is not set up to run perl scripts. There
should be an entry in the httpd.conf file associating the suffix .pl with
the perl binary.

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> ----------
> From:         David Padilla
> Sent:         Wednesday, December 5, 2001 8:53 PM
> To:   address@hidden
> Subject:      Problem setting up GNATSWEB
> Hi -
> I am trying to set up gnats and gnatsweb, and I'm having some problems
> with the latter.
> I've set up and tested Gnats 3.113.  Then I tried to install GnatsWeb
> 2.8.2.  I've followed the instructions in the INSTALL file, and everything
> is fine up to the step where I run the 'make test' of the gnats database.
> (My set up passes the test.)  I then installed and
> in a cgi-enabled directory on the server.
> My problem is that the program does not seem to work.  When I
> go to
>   http://{my_web_server}/cgi/gnats/
> I get a box asking whether I want to open the file in its present location
> or save it to disk.  If I attempt to open it, then I briefly see a
> small blank screen which then disappears.
> Are there other steps I need tp perform?
> Should the variable $site_gnats_host = 'localhost' be set to the
> {my_web_server} above?
> Any help at will be appreciated.  I've been working on this for weeks now,
> and I'm at the end of my rope.
> -David Padilla
> Protein Data Bank
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