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libiberty and regex.* updated

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: libiberty and regex.* updated
Date: 11 Dec 2001 00:15:58 +0100
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I've updated the quite old versions of libiberty and regex.[ch] to newer
versions.  GNATS compiles fine on my system after the update, but this
may not apply to other, especially non-GNU, systems.  If you can, please
try to compile the current GNATS CVS snapshot on your favorite system
and report any contingent problems.


Milan Zamazal

real programmer?  don't get me started.  if you need to hide your
pathetic excuse for a carreer behind super-macho languages like C, C++,
and/or Perl instead of writing clean, maintainable, efficient code, you
aren't much of a real programmer in my view.  -- Erik Naggum in comp.emacs

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