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send-pr error!

From: Choi, Jang-Wook
Subject: send-pr error!
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 17:31:08 +0900
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Hello, I installed the latest gnats in my redhat linux. 

I just followed the install instructions of, but when I execute 
send-pr from the shell, I got an error message. I read manuals but still don't 
know what's wrong. Somebody please help me. 

---Error message---

$ whoami
$ send-pr
It seems that send-pr is not installed with your organization set to a useful
value.  To fix this, you need to edit the configuration file
and fill in the organization with the correct value.

It seems that send-pr is not installed with your unique submitter-id.
You need to run

          install-sid YOUR-SID

where YOUR-SID is the identification code you received with `send-pr'.
`send-pr' will automatically insert this value into the template field
`>Submitter-Id'.  If you've downloaded `send-pr' from the Net, use `net'
for this value.  If you do not know your id, run `send-pr --request-id' to 
get one from your support site.

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