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Re: send-pr error!

From: Chad C. Walstrom
Subject: Re: send-pr error!
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 13:10:07 -0600
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On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 06:22:30PM +0100, Yngve Svendsen wrote:
> Actually, GNATS is supposed to be *the* bug tracking system for
> Savannah, but we have had very little resources to integrate things
> properly.

Low on disk space?  Bodies (sysadmins)? Needed a dedicated bug tracking

> We need to fix the admin interface so it work with GNATS 4, then
> polish it a bit, and we need a proper system to integrate Savannah
> user accts with GNATS.

Hmm...  Ever think of doing a pam module for gnats?  It would allow you
to use any authentication pam supports.  Of course, that doesn't take
away the need to manage user permissions, but at least it'll take away
the dependency upon a gnats-specific passwd file.  .oO(mmm...  ldap +

    You know.  One thing I never understood was the fact that the passwd
    program didn't have a target file option.  Take NIS, for example.
    Most people revert to manually editing and maintaining a separate
    map file for passwd and group in /var/yp/<DOMAIN> for security
    reason (though that's like spitting in the wind if you ask me).  Why
    not just use a modified passwd program and specify

Anyway, it looks like that last time PAM popped up on the radar for
gnats was back in October 1999.  Regardless, it would be a welcome
addition.  May as well add that as a feature request. ;-)

Well, back to work.

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